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We're not currently meeting... :(
WelMac New Media Group fully supports the Creative Freedom Foundation in their efforts to curb the new 'Guilt Upon Accusation' laws proposed, and urge you to speak your mind about them too:
New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. WelMac New Media Group supports CreativeFreedom.org.nz in fighting against this unjust law - help us


Through some strange and uncanny co-incidence theres a usually a few Meetup's happening at NMG.....


Our vision for NMG is that is it a group you can turn up, get to know a few people with similiar interests, in a stress-free manner. No need for suits, but i'm sure we can russle up a latte if needed.

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Online meetings (2006-2008)

due to lack of venue, we've been meeting in cyberspace... saves on fuel too, and the chocolate and coffee is just right!. We hang outeither in #mac on nzwired, or the WelMac chatroom on Aim/iChat

Past meetings were generally on the TuesdayWednesday after the 2nd Monday of the Month at the Southern Cross bar at the Corner of Cuba and Abel Smith St, Wellington, NZ. Kick off at 18:15, gathering/setup begins about 17:45. Bring your laptop and wifi, as there is CafeNet coverage there. Full bar, and food there, and a great atmosphere. Call Jo on 021 JBOOTH (+64 21 526684) if you get lost.

Topic suggestions for next month are being taken now!

May 2007 Meeting

Wednesday 16th May, 18:15
Jo will be late (UP event clash) but see you there!

July 2006 Meeting

WelMac New Media Group is meeting on Wednesday 13th July. Kicking off from 6pm. Meet on Library Steps at Civic Square (Cnr Wakefeild and Victoria Streets) at 6. We'll relocate to a nearby Cafe/Bar or inside the library about 6:30 (1830).
Pop along, if it's fine we might find some sunset. With Wellington the creative capital of the world, it's a great chance to meet a few new faces for a bit of a chin wag. As an added incentive, NMG firmly believes in good chocolate and coffee, with high speed internet to boot - so book your seat now for a great night hang-out. Bring your laptop and wi-fi card :)

December 2005 Meeting

WelMac New Media Group is meeting at the TUANZ (e)-vision Centre (Blair St, Wellington) on the 14th of December. Kicking off from 7pm, you won't want to miss it.
With people there from a variety of New Media and related occupations, interests and pastimes, you may get to see and meet the people shaping the new media scene today. With Wellington the creative capital of the world, it's a great chance to meet a few new faces.
As an added incentive, NMG firmly believes in good chocolate and coffee, with high speed internet to boot - so book your seat now for a great night hang-out.

October Meeting:

Happened on the 13th October. Good times with yomcat.

September Meeting:

Happening on the 15th of September. Topic is Managing Content, and Navigation. As per usual you will bring your ideas, and desire for coffee. Bring a friend too.

August Meeting

Slight venue change lads, over the road to Digerati we are. Thanks Phil. Good dicussions of the lack of viruses with Macs, Spam and Email Munging. Even a bit of MovieFesting.

July Meeting

Pop over to the forums to find out whats up. It's on for 7pm Tuesday the 13th of July! Looking at Web Sites 101 :) Bring your webhosting experiences, and even your websites. Be prepared to go interactive!

June NMG meeting date was Tuesday 15th of June at 7pm - and not Monday, Monday is WellyLUG ;) This month we will looked over enabling online payment on a website, and will look over problems with welmac's new Website, which is due to go live very soon!If you are planning on being there, then let us know by using the contact form. It helps if we can get numbers attending.

After you've grilled our experts en-masse, the meeting will break into an informal sharing time when group attendees can share something with the group or one-on-one. It may be a time to discuss the latest tips, tricks, hacks, code, programs or anything else you think is appropriate, and you can find a listening ear for. Geeks and Gurus of various disciplines will be on hand to help out where needed. If you want to bring software, code or media to share with the group - please do so. We'll b making use of the eMacs at the meeting - to look over a few websites, so bring along your favourites.

The meeting will be from 7pm at the TUANZ (e)-vision centre - Blair St, Wellington and will conclude with a few light refreshments to keep your throat moist despite all the talking.

Look forward to seeing you there.

June Task

Come along!


There will be a extra prize to anyone who can tell me the answer to the following question:

By which date or dates should new or revised content produced for existing non-compliant websites comply with the Guidelines as closely as possible?

A bit obscure, but here's a tip: GIYF.

Congratualtions to Michael Welsh, who took home a $50 Diary/Organiser for his efforts!

April NMG Task

If you haven't done April's Task yet... check this out: Go to http://nmug.welmac.org.nz/forums and find out what you MUST do.

If you're wondering what NMG is, it is the WelMac New Media Group.
New Media encompasses a lot of todays technologies, including the web and internet, publishing, communications, and generally geeky stuff like that. It's a place to discuss the information revolution with other artists, designers, writers and people interested in new media technologies.
This group sprung from the WelMac Publishing and Web Design groups, and briefly called itself Digital Media and Web Media before settling into being NMUG. Then it was realised the the Nelson Mac User Group was NMUG.. so we got with it.. and are now NMG - The WelMac New Media Group

NMG is supported by WelMac, who have arranged the use of the excellent facilities at the TUANZ (e)-vision centre, with it's multimedia and broadband internet facilities (which you can use at NMUG)
The group is facilitated by me, Joseph Booth, (aka Mangee), a WelMac committee member. If you have any questions or wish to attend NMUG this month, drop me a line via the online contact form at http://web.welmac.org.nz/emailform?To=nmug or iChat: mangee@mac.com ICQ: 21801823 ;)
If you need help right now - then browse over to the Forums and leave a message for the resident gurus.

This Website

As you can see, this website is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions as to what YOU want from NMUG, then let us know. We are very flexible! It seems a couple of you want a wiki, but we'll see :)

Email Mangee (Father of Lliam) for more info